Limestone blocks for sale in Melbourne – we do that!

If you’re building a house or a feature wall in Melbourne or looking for blocks for a landscaping project, have you considered limestone? Limestone blocks are not only a beautiful, natural and a great building material they are also affordable. What’s more, they’re for sale right here in Melbourne, direct from the manufacturer.

Limestone simply stunning

We could go on and on about the benefits of limestone – and we’d love to if you had a few spare hours. Suffice to say that our limestone blocks that are for sale in the Melbourne area are natural, affordable and environmentally friendly. They are also darn good looking!

The benefits don’t end there. Limestone also offers three times the thermal qualities of traditional brick. What does this mean? Well, in simple terms, it means that a home built using limestone is going to be extremely comfortable to live in. This natural stone will keep heat out in the summer and keep heat in during the winter. As a result you’ll spend less on energy costs.

But there’s more. The limestone blocks that you can buy directly from us in Melbourne provide excellent fire resistance and also helps reduce noise transmission. It has great acoustic qualities too. Limestone is also very versatile. Obviously, it can be used to build the walls of your Melbourne home, but it can also be moulded for use as plinths, window surrounds, round columns and much more. You may be surprised what you can use limestone for.

It goes without saying, limestone is also an extremely durable product. There are many examples of houses in Australia still standing that were built with limestone over 150 years ago. Internationally, look no further than a little project called the pyramids in Egypt. Yes, they were made from limestone and have stood the test of time for around 4000 years. If you build your home using limestone, there’s more than a fair chance it will be standing long after you have gone.

Bruhn sells directly to the public in Melbourne

Whether you’re a homeowner or in the building or landscaping industry, Bruhn will sell directly to you. Yes, our limestone blocks are for sale in Melbourne.

Perhaps the main reason to purchase your blocks from Bruhn for your Melbourne project is to eliminate the middleman. By buying directly from Bruhn, you’re dealing solely with us. This makes what is already an affordable product even more affordable and can save you thousands of dollars. Compare this to our main competitor, who only sells limestone blocks in Melbourne as a retailer.

Limestone Prices

While price may be the main driver, it’s certainly not the only reason to choose Bruhn when buying limestone blocks in Melbourne. We can provide a full consultative service for your project. This includes supporting you with design ideas, reviewing and quoting plans, and providing our full expertise and experience around building and the technical aspects of limestone.

Got a small job? That’s no problems and neither is a large-scale Melbourne project. No matter whether your job is small or big, we’ll be able to help.

Delivery to Melbourne is no problem

When it comes to all packaging and deliveries, we do that too. All handling is completed using Bruhn trucks and Bruhn staff. We guarantee our product will arrive on your site in perfect order, but on the off-chance that there is an issue we’ll take care of it straight away to make sure your job is not held up.

Purchase limestone blocks direct from Bruhn for your Melbourne project

For more information on Bruhn or our limestone blocks for sale in Melbourne, phone (08) 8721 8000 or email

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