Master Mason Masterpieces

We have been very busy supplying stone to a lot of magnificent projects in Melbourne and all our partner builders and their clients were delighted with the final finish or their homes.

These grand designs and finishes have been created using BRUHN Limestone quality products and the mastery and crafting of each stone masons involved. They build these masterpieces block by block with all the love and care required to achieve this high level of standard.

In this article, we are featuring Wilmoore Allstone, from Lara VICTORIA.

Building Dreams One Stone at A Time

Wilmoore Allstone, strives for the highest quality of finish for all of their projects. They have been creating dreams out of stone for over 20 years, from new constructions, restorations and ornate stonework for their client’s houses and gardens.

Will Treble from Wilmoore Allstone believe that when clients hire them to build their new homes, they become one of the family. You will be treated with care during and after the project is finished. They just don’t build stone objects, they build dreams.

Visit Willmoore Allstone website here.



Family Homes with Limestone

Family Homes

BRUHN Limestone certainly has an excellent and reputable track record of supplying limestone to help build large and often challenging and complex projects but we also embrace the opportunity to help anyone build their family home. Whether your home is a 3 bedroom standard home, a small unit or even a few front decorative pillars we are here to support your every need.

No matter what size project you are considering we are happy to review your plans and work with you to offer full transparency on costs and the easy construction principals of building in stone.

Did you know that building in Limestone offers the identical building principals as building in brick?

Did you also know that prices (depending on design complexity) are often very comparable to brick / render construction?

Here is just a snapshot of some of our 2019 projects.




Myths about building with Limestone

Myth No 1. Limestone is Expensive

Often people think that building in limestone is a complex and a costly process but in fact, it’s exactly the opposite as building in BRUHN Limestone has the exact same building principals as building in brick and is very similar in price to brick / render construction.

As an example, the most common approach to building a home in Australian conditions is to lay a concrete slab and then build a timber or steel frame to support the roof structure. After this process, the home is wrapped with an external skin whether that be brick, block, lightweight or stone products.

Myth No 2. Limestone is difficult to build with

As BRUHN limestone blocks arrive to site dimensionally cut and ready to lay directly off the pallet, the block or bricklayer simply mix their mortar and lay blocks identical to bricks around the home.

Construction incorporates weep holes and expansion joints again identical to brick construction that any reputable architect and builder should be completely familiar with.

Certainly there are a few tricks with building in limestone; like using a light coloured mortar to match the stone and to wet the laying beds with clean water before laying but in summary building in limestone is a simple process and offers a beautiful timeless look as well as offering superior thermal and acoustic qualities.

If you would like to learn more about our products, washing and sealing the stone, have a quote prepared or even be linked to people who specialise in laying stone please contact us as we would love to help.

Clayton Church Homes Norwood SA

The Clayton Church Homes project consisting of 16 beautiful modern design units has just been completed in Percival St Norwood SA

Magnificently built and project managed by Pascale Constructions these buildings feature external walls and fencing all incorporating BRUHN Limestone.  If you would like to know more about our products simply contact us for all the advice and guidance you need to better understand the simple process of building in limestone

Clayton Church Homes Norwood Clayton Church Homes Norwood

Clayton Church Homes project – Limestone Housing