Limestone. One of the oldest building materials known to man.

Limestone is one of the oldest building materials known to man. The pyramids in Ancient Egypt were built with large limestone blocks and many medieval churches and castles in Europe are made of limestone. In recent times, it has most commonly been used in landscaping elements in Australian homes, however a recent increase in limestone home construction indicates that builders are again recognising the qualities of this natural material that has seen it stand the test of time.

Andrew Carmody from BRUHN Limestone comments on this trend, “Although the building industry has recently seen some tough times, the demand for our stone has increased substantially over the last 5 yrs. Feedback to us suggests that this is to do with our products being both natural and affordable. There is a perception that limestone is costly, however the price is comparable to building in brick render.

Combine this with the many positive properties that limestone offers and it becomes a perfect building material for some of the harsh climates we have in Australia” The positive properties Andrew refers to are many. Aside from the obvious aesthetic appeal, limestone is a hardy, durable material – the Pyramids are a standing testament to that.  Because they are cut directly from the stone quarries, limestone bricks will last for many years without cracking and with little or no erosion.

Internally limestone has marvellous acoustic qualities acting as a sound barrier which of course enhances harmony in the home. It’s also a natural insulator so an excellent material if you’re striving for that 8
star energy efficiency rating.

Of course another reason for BRUHN’s growth can be attributed to the company itself. A third generation family run business, BRUHN have been supplying natural limestone from their quarries in Mt Gambier for over 70 years. With licenced builders and stone masons on staff BRUHN can provide itemised quotes from working drawings and have a range of products that suit both contemporary and
traditional designs. The expert knowledge of the team enables them to provide advice and recommendations when needed.

“We work really hard to get the formula right here at BRUHN” says Carmody. “To meet market demand we recently introduced a range of limestone decorative moulds that complement the ashlar blocks we produce. We also deliver our products direct to site on shrink wrapped pallets making the process as easy as possible for our clients.

BRUHN Limestone supply Australia wide. Their limestone is available in a range of colour tones, from light creams to a rich biscuit colour and finishes to suit varying architectural designs.
Like their product their business has stood the test of time, attributed by Carmody, not just to the quality of their products but to their commitment to “good old fashioned customer service” something that stands up in any economic climate.