Limestone blocks in Sydney. A natural choice.

If you’re considering limestone blocks for your new Sydney dream home, that’s a great call. But here’s an even better call. If you do decide to go ahead with limestone blocks you can buy them in Sydney direct from the manufacturer. Who are you gonna call? The number one limestone supplier in Sydney, Bruhn Limestone!

Here are some other reasons you should consider limestone for your Sydney dream home:

  • Limestone a Beautiful Choice
    Limestone can be a beautiful choice for any style of home. However, if you’re considering building a French Provincial, Georgian, or any Classical style home in Sydney, limestone is a match made in heaven. The architecture of this period lends itself to natural stones like limestone. Limestone can be found in many of the homes built in the 1800s and 1900s, around Sydney and Australia.
    In fact, our limestone is currently being used to build a large French Provincial home in Strathfield in Sydney’s inner West as you read this blog.
  • Standout from the Crowd
    Limestone blocks used in the walls of your new Sydney home will make it stand out from the crowd, but why stop at the walls? Limestone is a very versatile product and quality Sydney limestone suppliers like Bruhn can mould it and form it for many uses. Think plinths, parapets, corbels, columns, window moulds and much more. Even the blocks used for the walls can be smooth, rockface or bevelled. Who would have thought a natural product could be used in such a wide range of ways.
  • Limestone is 1/3 cost of sandstone
    Having your limestone blocks supplied direct to you in Sydney isn’t the only savings you’ll enjoy if you choose limestone. If you’re tossing up between limestone and sandstone, another popular choice in Sydney, you may be surprised to know that limestone is around one-third of the cost of locally-sourced Sydney sandstone. The impact on the overall cost of a large Sydney home can be enormous.
  • Limestone Colours
    When you think of limestone you probably think of the light cream colour that is most common. So you may be surprised to hear that limestone can be sourced in other colours, ranging from light cream up to rich biscuit or pale brown colours.
  • Limestone is a natural product
    Limestone is a 100 per cent natural product. It’s not reconstituted in any way shape or form. Natural yet tough, yes. High-end and classy, yes. Affordable beauty, absolutely.

Bruhn Limestone plus Sydney equals savings

Yes, that’s right. Bruhn Limestone, the name that is synonymous with quality limestone and innovation in Australia, can sell directly to you in Sydney. The key reason for dealing directly with us is of course money; that is the money you will save. Which if you’re building a new Sydney home will be mighty handy.

While you can certainly save money by getting your limestone supplied by Bruhn Limestone for your Sydney home, that’s not the only reason to choose our spectacular stone.

Sydney limestone supplier takes extra care

Another good reason for choosing limestone and Australia’s number one limestone supplier, Bruhn Limestone, is that we take tender loving care of your stone from quarry to your door. We look after all the packaging and delivery of our limestone, using Bruhn trucks and Bruhn staff. This helps to ensure our beautiful product reaches your new home in the same condition as when it left ours. 

Limestone blocks for Sydney – there’s only one choice

So when it comes to building your Sydney dream there’s only one choice. Or perhaps it’s actually two. Number one is the choice of stone, which is limestone. Number two is the choice of limestone suppliers, which is Bruhn Limestone.

For more information on using limestone blocks for your new Sydney home, phone (08) 8721 8000 or email

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