Tips for selecting Limestone and Sandstone Products

Limestone and Sandstone quarries are still very active in the Australian market with a broad range of quarries in Australia still operating and producing quality dimensional stone.

The large majority of all these quarries are professionally run and produce high quality natural products, however there are areas in the decision making process that client’s needs to consider:

  • Availability and Turnaround
    When choosing any stone products always fully understand the products availability and turnaround time as delays on site can be frustrating and costly
  • Consistent Sizing
    Understand consistency of sizing, as ashlar blocks supplied in consistent dimensions represents less work for the mason, minimising project costs
  • Product Range
    Fully appreciate the range of products from the supplier as many quarries offer various face finishes and decorative moulds
  • Colour Consistency
    Ask about consistency of colours as being a natural product colours often vary. (Source current samples)
  • How much do you need?
    Have an approx. idea of the m2 of your project. This information can generally be sourced through your architect, builder or stone supplier (estimates from working drawings) and always ask for an itemised quote on the products you are interested in as this will offer complete transparency on overall product costs
  • Check similar projects
    Be sure to view other completed projects either personally or ask for a gallery of images. This information will offer you confidence in the look and feel of the stone Although all stone offers excellent thermal and acoustic qualities source exact ratings
  • How will the Limestone be used?
    Understand the building process, as some stone can be used as a cladding (stone tied to frames) or as double skin construction. In some instances veneer stone is adhered to cladding often exaggerating construction costs
  • The value of an experienced stone mason
    To fully appreciate the costs of building in stone you should always engage an experienced and qualified stone mason to talk you through the building process, as various stone products can vary in their laying costs due to their weight, sizing and the need for the stone to be dressed