Limestone gives Sandstone a run for its Money

showcase-grand-13Sandstone has long been the building material of choice for some of the most beautiful and prestigious homes in Sydney, but now there’s a new kid on the block.

A number of Sydney architects and builders are starting to recommend limestone as the building material of choice for their clients. These early adopters are crossing the border and sourcing their limestone from our quarry near Mt Gambier in the South East of SA. And for good reason.

Limestone colour range

Bruhn Limestone is a beautiful natural resource. It comes in a variety of colours ranging from light creams to rich biscuit hues which offer you different options for your new home.

Because Bruhn Limestone is so easy to work, it allows us to create a wide range of products such as face-finished ashlar blocks, solid decorative moulds and an assortment of columns.

A quarter of the cost of sandstone

Limestone is about a quarter of the cost of sandstone, which represents a significant saving — funds that can then be redirected to other areas.

Craig Anderson from CA Building Services in Sydney said,

“One of our clients really wanted sandstone for their new home but their budget just didn’t allow for it. We thought limestone was the perfect solution. Our clients were excited when we told them we could create the look they wanted with limestone, at a fraction of the cost. Even with the transport costs from SA, building with limestone represented a massive saving and still allowed us to create their ideal home.”

Building a new home is a big investment and with so many costs involved, finding a way to save money yet not compromise on quality or style is a huge bonus. Savings on the building material will mean more money for those beautiful fixtures and fittings on your wishlist.

And when you see what a beautiful backdrop limestone makes to your stunning new interiors, you’ll be extremely pleased with your choice for many years to come.

Upgrade your building material to limestone

Because limestone is such an affordable building material, many home owners who would normally be looking at building in brick and render are also discovering limestone. A new home built in limestone will cost about the same as brick and render, but you’ll get a lot of extra benefits such as high thermal and acoustic qualities.

Limestone is versatile

Limestone is a material that works equally well for traditional or modern designs. Which means that no matter what your dream home looks like, we think we can help you achieve it. And it doesn’t matter where in Australia you’re building either — we supply our limestone directly to your site, anywhere in the country.

If you’d to have a look a few of the 6,000 homes we’ve helped create, click through to see our gallery. And if you’d like to find out more about building in limestone, or want us to cost your project, please contact us. We’d be very pleased to help you.