Why BRUHN Limestone can save you a Massive Amount of Money

How can BRUHN Limestone save you money?

  • Here at BRUHN Limestone we pride ourselves on producing a broad range of high quality affordable products, always supplied to the market in a timely manner
  • With over 70 years’ experience and over 5,500 projects successfully supported in a national market we are proud of the fine reputation we have built during this time
  • Our natural limestone in ‘like for like’ sizing is generally 300% to 140% cheaper than other sandstone products currently on the market, resulting in huge savings on any stone project
  • BRUHN Limestone has a very broad range of face finished ashlar blocks and decorative moulds that will complement both traditional and more modern contemporary architecture Having this range means all your stone requirements can be purchased through one supplier
  • As our stone is much less expensive than sandstone, is incredibly consistent in sizing, and arrives shrink-wrapped on site immediately ready to lay, masons can keep their labour costs to an absolute minimum, again offering further savings on a stone project
  • To ask any questions or obtain an obligation free quote please contact the team at BRUHN by e-mailing or calling (08) 8721 8000

Do the comparisons yourself as we know you will be pleasantly surprised