Limestone… More affordable than you may think.

Limestone…its more affordable than you may think.

limestone buildingBuilding a new home or adding an extension can be an expensive exercise and there is certainly a lot to consider and a massive amount of decisions to be made during the whole process.

However building in limestone blocks / bricks can be very economical and should be considered as an option to create a beautiful, natural and affordable solution.

Did you know that limestone blocks are very similar in price to clay bricks and other light weight construction materials currently in the market?

Certainly when you consider adding render and paint to these material limestone blocks can actually have a price advantage which should at a minimum tease people to explore the options of building in limestone.

Over years of dealing with clients I have learnt many people often misunderstand the costs to build in limestone as when they think of natural products they always think it comes at a premium price but it’s not the case with limestone blocks and bricks.

With the limestone resources available to us at our quarry, combined with the efficiency we exercise to cut and prepare dimensional stone, building in limestone has reinvented itself as an affordable option that looks absolutely stunning when used in external and internal walling.

Combine these appearance and affordability benefits with the superior thermal and acoustic qualities to brick and limestone blocks should be considered for your next project.

If you wish to learn more about our products or simply have your plans reviewed for an obligation free quote, please contact our office where we would be pleased to stand by our claims of good value for money and quality homes we help build.