Sandstone Blocks

About Limestone and Sandstone Blocks

  • Limestone and Sandstone Blocks and bricks are a popular building material because of the stone’s desirable features, attractive looks, natural finish and the superb thermal and acoustic properties the stone offers.
  • Limestone and Sandstone blocks have been used in building for 1,000’s of years as although the stone is dense in its composition it is relatively easy to shape and work with making it easy to lay and offering outstanding finishes.
  • Limestone and Sandstone are both a perfect material for the construction of residential homes and commercial buildings.
  • This construction method can be used as a new ‘ground up’ laying approach where blocks are simply mortar bedded together similar to brick construction or the stone supplied in a cladding material which is adhered to an existing surface not dissimilar to tiling.
  • BRUHN Limestone produce both full block and veneer products all dimensionally cut and delivered to site ready for immediate laying

Sandstone Blocks in Home Construction

Sandstone blocks are a popular choice in domestic building construction where the design calls for:

  • Thermal isolation
    Sandstone and Limestone has superior thermal isolation, protecting the home owners from the winter cold or summer heat. As an example BRUHN Limestone offers 3 times the thermal properties of a clay brick.
  • Fire Resistance
    Sandstone and Limestoneis non-combustible and so fire resistant. CSIRO reports of exact FLR performance are available on request
  • Sound Proofing
    Sandstone and Limestone have strong sound proofing characteristics
  • Embodied energy rating
    Sandstone and Limestone have outstanding low embodied energy ratings when compared with prefabricated /man made alternative construction materials
  • Affordability
    BRUHN Limestone is an incredibly affordable building material and is often misunderstood to be in a higher end price bracket. To better understand what’s involved in your project simply talk to the team at BRUHN Limestone