When most people think about limestone used in home building around Melbourne, they would picture a solid block structure that is built to last. While the durability of limestone is most certainly true, this image doesn’t do justice to the versatility and diversity of limestone and the profiles that specialists such as Bruhn Limestone can achieve.

Take a look at the images on this page and you’ll begin to understand what we’re talking about. These Melbourne homes are all built using limestone. They display the wide range of decorative profiles that Bruhn can now produce using limestone. These homes are still built using the durability and natural beauty of limestone blocks, but you could be forgiven for thinking they’re art installations.

Limestone profiles for Melbourne clients

The range of profiles that Bruhn Limestone can now achieve has grown significantly recently. As can be seen on this page and also the moulding profiles page on our website, the possibilities are almost endless. This includes the ability to produce round and ½ round columns.

In fact, while the moulding profiles page features more than 30 different profiles, this represents only a small sample of what can be produced. Bruhn Limestone invites architects, builders and people who are considering building a home in Melbourne using limestone to contact them to discuss other moulds available or profiles they would like to see in a new home.

In addition, the decorative profiles can be used in both our plainface blocks and rockface blocks.

Where can these limestone profiles be used? Virtually anywhere. Profiles are commonly used in window surrounds, sills, plinths, wall bands, parapets and corbels, but you can use them anywhere that you like. Your new home, built using limestone, can begin as a blank canvas and can take shape exactly as you want.

The limestone profile range helps complement a broad range of architectural styles, from French Provincial, Georgian, or any Classical style home, to a more modern or contemporary home. It’s easy to see why Melbourne architects, builders and clients are embracing our range to create their own masterpieces.

Other benefits of using limestone for your new Melbourne home

  • Limestone is a natural product. The limestone we use is supplied from either South Australia or Western Australia.
  • Limestone may look like an expensive product, but it’s not. In fact, building with limestone is comparable to building with brick render. What’s more, Bruhn Limestone sells direct to clients right here in Melbourne, making our limestone products even more affordable.
  • Limestone is a great insulator and has three times the thermal properties of standard bricks. This means your new home will be more comfortable all-year-round and will cost less to heat and cool.
  • Building with limestone will also help to reduce noise from outside entering your home.
  • Limestone is an excellent building material for homes built in bushfire prone areas.
  • As we’ve mentioned previously, limestone is extremely durable.

Contact Bruhn Limestone

For more information on the advantages of building with limestone or to discuss our limestone profile range, phone us on (08) 8721 8000 or email admin@bruhn.com.au.