Why a Limestone house ?

There are numerous reasons that you would consider building a house with limestone rather that the alternative building construction methods such as bricks.

Limestone house are attractive

The clean lines and light colours in limestone makes for attractive interior and external walls. Limestone feature walls, limestone external walls and limestone retaining walls have an attractive natural stone appeal.

Limestone houses are thermally stable

With increasing energy costs heating and cooling homes can be a significant ongoing cost. As Limestone has excellent thermal insulating properties so the need to heat or cool your house during the year is reduced making it more comfortable for the occupants, but also reducing ongoing energy supply costs as well as the costs for purchase and installation of heating and cooling systems. This also reduces the house’s eco-foot print.

Limestone houses have good Fire Resistance

Limestones’ superior fire resistant characteristics provides peace of mind for house occupants especially in high fire risk regions

Limestone houses are cheaper to build

Limestone blocks are cheaper than conventional bricks