BRUHN Limestone blocks are a naturally quarried product predominantly used for house building and landscaping.

limestone blocks by Bruhn Limestone
Bruhn Limestone Blocks

How Limestone Blocks are Laid

Under normal circumstances, the blocks are laid identically to brick construction, where the blocks are mortared together and then tied back to the stud frame. Expansion joints and weep holes are used as per the BCA, which will be familiar to all good architects and builders. Double skin construction can be used as a building method as limestone can be load-bearing.

Limestone Block Sizes

General sizing of our ashlar blocks are 290 x 660 x 100 with each block weighing approx. 18 kilo so handling of the product by a stone mason or brickie on site is very manageable.

Decorative moulds come in various sizes and are used in plinths, window surrounds, wall bands and parapets etc It can offer your building the character and a touch of old-world class you may be looking for. In saying that if it’s a more modern – contemporary architecture, you are considering our limestone, with its dense composition and clean, sharp lines offer a perfect finish.

Round and square columns are also available and are often used to make a statement in entrances or beautifully enhance an alfresco or entertaining area.

Limestone Blocks – Natural Stone

The beauty of BRUHN Limestone is that it is all a natural product quarried in our own quarries in Mount Gambier SA although we do also distribute WA Tamala Limestone, which offers another alternative to clients looking for variation in Australian Limestone products. We do get variations in colour and generally have a range of light creams to biscuit colours available to choose from.

BRUHN Limestone blocks offer various applications, primarily in house building and landscaping. These blocks are naturally quarried and predominantly used for these purposes due to their aesthetic and structural qualities​​.

In construction, these limestone blocks are laid similarly to brick construction. They are mortared together and then tied back to the stud frame. Features like expansion joints and weep holes are incorporated as per building codes. Additionally, due to the load-bearing capacity of limestone, double-skin construction can be utilised​​.

Ashlar Limestone Blocks

The general size of BRUHN’s ashlar limestone blocks is 290x660x100 mm, with each block weighing approximately 18 kilograms, making them manageable for stone masons or bricklayers on-site​​. They also offer decorative moulds in various sizes for architectural details like plinths, window surrounds, wall bands, and parapets, catering to both old-world and modern contemporary architectural styles​​.

Moreover, round and square columns made from limestone are available, often used to enhance entrances or outdoor areas like alfresco or entertainment spaces. The limestone comes in a range of light creams to biscuit colours, providing variety for different design preferences​.

BRUHN Limestone supports clients from the initial enquiry to the final delivery, ensuring professional completion of projects. The products, once ordered, are wrapped, strapped, and transported directly to the building site using their trucks and drivers to guarantee their condition upon arrival.

Bruhn Limestone helps all the way.

Here at BRUHN we stay with the client from the first enquiry until final delivery to ensure we offer you the support, information and confidence required to finish your project off professionally.

Once product types, quantities and costs have been communicated and agreed to orders are wrapped, strapped and transported to your building site direct utilising our own trucks and drivers to guarantee the product arrives and in excellent condition.

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